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Graphite Crucibles

High quality melting crucibles can be used till temperature 3500-degree F suitable for melting and refining precious metals like Gold, silver etc.

Advantages of our Imported Crucibles


Graphite Molds

Our Graphite moulds for gold bars and biscuits are made up of imported isostatic graphite to give long life of moulds and superior surface quality- 1kg, 100gm, 3 cavity, 5 cavity, 20 cavity.


Graphite for
Diamond Tools

We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a qualitative range of Graphite for Diamond Tools. We offer Graphite for Diamond Tools is usual average grain sizes such as 4mm, 2mm, 0.8mm, 0.045mm, 0.025mm etc. avail the Graphite for Diamond Tools from us in different order quantities, that too in customized packaging materials.

Graphite Rods & Block

We are offering both Graphite Blocks and rods in Isostatic and EDM grades and quality. We offer Graphite Blocks of various sizes. Further, we also offer Graphite in round shape with different diameters ranging from 20mm to 650mm. Avail the Graphite Blocks from us in bulk quantity.

EDM Graphite Electrode

We manufacture graphite EDM electrodes using isostatic graphite for dies and moldsfor plastic injection molds, die casting molds, forging dies etc on our highly précised VMCmachine.

Graphite for Glass

We are engaged in offering Graphite for Glass to the customers. In the glass industry, specialty Graphite materials are used to meet the various challenges of glass melting and molding, and of transporting hot glass products


Our Graphite for Glass has high thermal resistance, durability and non-absorbent features. These assure quality and operability of the Graphite for Glass in difficult work conditions without the risk of damage to the glass semi-finished product.

Glass molds for Dry Blowing
Products such as Molded and Isostatic Graphite are used for dry blowing and the production of molds for laboratory glass. Both products are not only quick and easy to process but also allow the mold surface to be polished to a high quality.

Glass molds for Wet Blowing
Molds made of Graphite; these are used for both mouth blowing and the automated manufacturing of glass bodies. These materials are characterized in particular by :

Graphite Products Used for Glass Manufacturing

Graphite Rings
we manufacture Graphite Rings which are manufactured using high-grade isostatic graphite.

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